Work Pictures

The pictures on this page show me working in the field. My considerate companions document this work every now and then and kindly make the shots available for this website. And now watch me shooting :)

  • Waiting

    12.06.2004, Neusiedlersee National Park, Austria

    Nature photography is surely a question of premium equipment, but most of all it requires a considerable portion of patience. Waiting for some species here in the national park took us several hours, not always rewarded at the end of the day.

  • Winter Scenery

    28.03.2004, Murnauer Moos Nature Reserve, Germany

    In order to capture a mountain's reflexion in the puddle I have to take a ground level shot.

  • Out for Insects

    29.12.2003, Tarija Region, Bolivia

    Mind the brown, long and thin insect in the front which looks just like a twig and is very hard to spot unless it moves.

  • Coimata Canyon

    24.12.2003, Tarija Region, Bolivia

    Pushing it to the limit for a dragonfly macro shot. On the right it's going down some 20 meters :)

  • Laguna Colorada

    18.12.2003, Altiplano, Bolivia

    You can see lots of flamingos in the background. From that distance you can take lovely pictures with 300 mm plus focal length.

  • Arbol de Piedra

    17.12.2003, Altiplano, Bolivia

    The Altiplano has amazing sites, here at the "tree of stone". Its size is breath-taking and you simply can't imagine how such a thing could arise.

  • Laguna Cañapa

    17.12.2003, Altiplano, Bolivia

    Three flamingo species can be watched and photographed in the various Altiplano lagoons.

  • Nevado Huayna Potosí

    11.12.2003, Cordillera Real de los Andes, Bolivia

    Landscape photography at the glacier offshoots of the 6,088 m high mountain in South America.

  • Salar de Uyuni

    16.12.2003, Altiplano, Bolivia

    The wide-angle emphasizes the salt structures in the foreground from a ground level perspective. Again the angle viewer is very helpful on this shot.

  • Dew-loaded Dragonfly

    07.06.2003, Lake Ammersee, Germany

    Pretty nice motifs can be found early in the morning when everything is still covered with dew. Macro shots of insects are very impressive then.

  • Dragonfly Macro Shot

    07.06.2003, Lake Ammersee, Germany

    For the ground level macro shots of the dragonfly metamorphosis I had the install the tripod very low and thus an angle finder was essential to perform the right settings.