Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe's photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition, and perspective. His vision and passionate wildlife advocacy affirm his dedication to his work. Wolfe's photographic mission is multi-faceted. By employing artistic and journalistic styles, he documents his subjects and educates the viewer. His unique approach to nature photography is based on his training in the arts and his love of the environment.

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David & Marc Muench

Two generations of splendid landscape photography is what you will find on the Website of David and Marc Muench. Since I got this wonderful pictorial of the American National Parks I am devoted to this two photographers. Their online stock is well filled.

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Fritz Poelking

The most prosperous German nature photographer Fritz Poelking and his wife Gisela are well known all over the world. This website holds some beautiful samples of their brilliant work. In a section called 'Workshop' being extended any now and then Fritz holds some interesting articles for the visitors.

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